Meet the Team




With a lifelong dream of having a little shop, an absolute passion for sharing lovely things with lovely people and the amazing support of husband Andy, family and friends, Helen loves coming to work every single day. Having lived in a village just outside Ely for the past 30 years but originating from the midlands via the northwest, she is creative (Andy says messy), loves a good book & a walk either locally or in the hills followed by a pint and her favourite thing probably sitting round a big table with all the children & their partners over a huge pot of something with everyone talking at the same time. Oh and she still has the occasional lightbulb moment …



Rarely seen behind the counter as he has an uneasy relationship with sticky tape, doesn’t know how to use the card machine and seems strangely reluctant to add these skills to his repertoire, Andy likes to think he’s retired after 30+ years in the pub industry but Helen has other ideas … so until she finds him something better to do he will continue walking the fens, reading, fishing and enjoying real ale and just generally being wonderful …



Good things come in small packages … that should read creative, funny, lovely with people and super organised things come in super small packages! Maisie has worked alongside Helen since the shop opened and full time for the past 5 years. She has a wonderful eye and inventiveness for colour and display, adores shoes (size 2) and loves nothing better than cosying up in something fluffy with a good cup of tea!

Our Team

Mel, Carolyn & Sarah, our rocks who we simply couldn’t do without. All with us since the beginning of our journey, Mel is the brain who knows what’s hidden in every box, drawer, cupboard and I’m certain moves things around just to catch us out,  Carolyn – her idea of fun on a wet Wednesday morning is “sticking stickers on” .. yes really … and Sarah, who keeps us all in check on a Saturday and loves entertaining the customers, particularly the short ones who like talking about Peppa Pig & Bob the Builder!