Pink Clay Organic Face Mask

Pink Clay Organic Face Mask

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Made using pink French clay, chamomile flowers, seeweed and gorgeous rosehip extract, this beautiful clay mask gently exfoliates, tones and firms. It comes in a powder form, so a teaspoons worth should be blended with a few drops of water or oil to create a paste. Allow to dry for 10 minutes, rinse off with warm water and follow with a few drops of your chosen face oil ... this will make for the ultimate facial treat! Suitable for all skin types. 

100% natural ingredients


- Pink French Clay, Rosehip, Chamomile

Glass Jar


 Handmade in the UK - Vegan - Organic - No Palm Oil 


+ Pink French Clay is rich in silica, which improves cell renewal, giving your skin a fresh healthy glow.

+ Rosehip is rich in vitamin C and helps brighten the skin. It also helps decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation and inhibits free radical damage with powerful antioxidants.

+ Chamomile Flower is known for it's calming and anti-inflammatory benefits, it gently exfoliates and soothes the skin.