Hydrate & Replenish Pre-Sleep Mask Set

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Sometimes, a face mask alone isn't enough! When you're feeling drained, it can take a more holistic approach to fully restore and replenish your energy. That's why Wanderflower has curated a beautiful collection of gentle masks for the hair, face, eyes, fet and nose - all targeting pre-sleep masking rituals which help your skin to wake up feeling hydrated and refreshed!

Includes -

Sweet Almond & Argon Oil Hair Mask

Rose Oil & Hyaluronic Face Mask

Green Tea, Rose Water & Vitamin C Under Eye Masks

Peppermint Oil & Aloe Vera Foot Mask

Charcoal & Witch Hazel Nose Strip

  •  formula with no parabens & is cruelty free 
  • Presented in a giftable cardboard library