Staying in is the new going out!

06 April 2020

Staying in is the new going out!

Hello again .... I really hope you’re well and looking after yourselves! I thought today, I’d share an idea I had with you. I’m hoping it will bring a little joy.. 


So.. I’m a 23 year old who’s completely mastered the art of ‘staying in’. There! I said it ... I’ve always been the same. I was the teenager who’d always choose staying in, drinking tea & watching Coronation Street over going out and spending my night in a sticky-floored nightclub. Watching my friends go out without me didn’t phase me one bit. I never felt left out, nor did I feel I was missing anything. I was always comfortable enough to say no, much to their disbelief! It’s become habitual for me to be a hermit & I'm fine with that as I’m more than happy in my own company. I’d choose cooking at home with Ed over going to a restaurant any day & we spend the majority of our weekend evenings listening to music and playing board games. (and quite often Ed having to tolerate my terrible taste in trashy TV!) 

Anyway, my point is ... I know how to stay in! I do it a lot & genuinely LOVE it. There’s no place like home. So when I heard someone say ‘you aren’t stuck at home, you’re safe at home’ .. I got that! It’s definitely my safe haven. So this got me thinking. Why do we always see a ‘special evening’ as one where we have to go out?

So I thought I’d put together a little ‘mood board’ and a few ideas to show you that you can still have a super special evening by staying ‘IN, in’!  



Now the evenings are lighter and we’re in for a good spell of sunshine ~ yippee!!~ it’s the perfect time for ‘Date Night’ ... So here’s a few ideas to pretty-up your garden / dining area and a few delicious recipes to give you an idea of what I’d do ...  

Click on the pictures to view each product on our Eel Catchers Daughter website.


Gorgeous, aren’t they? 

A bit about food : 

I made a pact to myself at the beginning of 2019 (at the same time I turned vegetarian) that I was going to cook more new recipes! I’ve always enjoyed cooking and try whenever I can to cook from fresh at home, however I found myself rotating on the same 10 dishes ... but with a new diet I needed new recipes! I now have a pretty good repertoire, from super easy dinners that are ideal for after work, to recipes that take most of the day to prepare & make. 
I thought it would be a great idea to share a few which are firm favourites ... both starters and mains so you can do the whole ‘shebang’... 

(Jamie Oliver is a god send when it comes to tasty, relatively novice meals! His book ‘Veg’ is my absolutely fave which I use on a daily basis!) 

Click the pictures of the dishes to jump to the recipe website : 

All by Jamie Oliver 


Sooooo, here we have the ‘Broad Beans, Garlic & Feta Bruschetta’ for starter and the ‘Pasta Peperonata With Red & Yellow Peppers’ for mains... do you feel like you’re in a restaurant yet?! 

Both of these dishes are glorious - great for warmer evenings and that early summer feeling! 


And here we have ‘Asparagus With Mushroom Mayonnaise’ for starter & ‘Roasted Black Bean Burgers With Zingy Salsa, Yoghurt, Sliced Mango & Avocado’ for mains ... enjoy! The bean burger especially is  

I N C R E D I B L E ... even if you’re a meat eater! Promise ...

Now would be the part I’d recommend some snazzy deserts ... however i’m a ‘good scoop of strawberry ice cream’ kinda-girl - so no fancy recommendations here! But you get the gist... 

Bon Appétit! 


 So anyway ... 

Go and dress up, set the table with all your fancies, pop on some music, light some table candles and head downstairs to the best restaurant in your neighbourhood... it doesn’t always have to be a ‘special occasion’ to create something wonderful. Now more than ever we need little pick-me-ups that make us smile & this may well brighten up your week! ...

Staying ‘IN, in’ is the new going ‘OUT, out’ and it can be great ... give it a go! 

Stay Safe, 

Maisie x 


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  • We also have no problem staying at home! It is just what we have always done.
    Black beans are my favourite ingredient but I haven’t tried them as burgers! So will deffo try that recipe, looks great😃
    (My go to cook book is Mahur Jaffrey’s first book. Her book for vegetarians is also good. 😃)

    Jacqueline on

  • Thank you for a super blog transporting us away to a relaxed time surrounded by all your beautiful candles and tableware. Look forward to more.

    Sylvia Palmer on

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