Candle Gorgeousness & Our Favourites!

15 July 2020

Candle Gorgeousness & Our Favourites!

Something you‘ll know if you’ve spent any time in our shop or browsing our website is that we  LOVE  a good candle. There’s soooo many candles on the ever-growing market these days; ones that crackle when lit, sparkly ones, funny shaped ones, tinned ones, stand alone ones ... however so many have such a disappointing, almost nonexistent, smell to them when actually lit. We think a good candle is one that fills a room with beautiful fragrance when lit and even subtly scents the area when it’s not. For me, it’s a natural reaction to get home and light a candle, so it’s fair to say I’ve ‘tested’ a lot. {yet another perk of my job}. 

So I thought I’d give you a small write-up of some of our absolute favourites at The Eel Catchers Daughter & a little about the brands behind them. We always say we only sell things we love, and this is very evident with our selection of candles. You can’t not love them! So carry on reading if you want to explore our world of fantastic candle goodness and find out our favourites! 

My Favourite (Maisie)

It’s a toughy ... and I have to admit I’ve had many favourites over the last few years. My ideal scents are anything with cedar, vetiver or patchouli in ... there’s just something so fresh yet homely about these combinations! But my {current} favourite is Vetiver & Grapefruit by Potters Crouch. It’s just wonderful. A gorgeous concoction of Vetiver, Cedar, (now you know why I love it!) Lemon, Mint, Jasmine, Grapefruit & Pink Pepper. Not only does it smell incredible and really fills my whole downstairs at home with fragrance, the company is great. It’s made up of a small team who are based on a farm in Hertfordshire, where all their products are made and packaged. Everything is handmade, vegan, cruelty free & no ‘nasties’ ... another reason to love them and their candles. The tins burn for 45-50 hours (I’ve definitely managed to get a few more out of some of mine!!) and are £10 each - click on the picture below to take a look at my favourite on our website!
I couldn’t possibly stop there without mentioning my ‘autumn/winter’ favourite too .... fireside! I’ve lost count how many people I’ve recommended it too and have subsequently become huge fans like me! We have ‘fireside addicts’ making their monthly trip to the shop specifically for it! You’ll find that one our website too ... 

 Helen’s Favourite 

Absolutely no hesitation when asking Helen her favourite. It’s been the same for over 15 years and if you’re a regular to the shop she’ll have definitely told you about it - Still By Melt Candles. Now it is truly beautiful. As soon as you take a whiff of this one you get transported straight to a spa. With heart notes of Geranium, Lavender and Rose and top notes of Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Chamomile it’s the perfect blend of relaxation and positivity. Melt describe it as a ‘calm, holistic, cocooning fragrance..‘ which hits the nail on the head. 
We adore Melt because, not only do they produce stunning quality candles, they aren’t afraid to play around with ingredients and create scents which step out of the conventional fragrance arena. Their candles are all handmade in Ribble Valley, Lancashire, where they also have their own lovely gift shop. Doesn’t it sound utterly idyllic?! ... Their candles really do have a mass following around a Cambridgeshire because we can’t sing praises about them any louder! 

Mel’s Favourite 

... is also a Melt special! Beautiful Burgundy. Mel originally chose this particular candle because the colour matched her bedroom, however now it’s just a complete must have. The scent is one of pure bliss, including ingredients such as Ylang, Carnation, Lily, Jasmine, Almond, Prune, Apricot & Basil. It’s one of those that’s perfect for hushed evenings, especially when it’s a little chilly out! Mel mentioned that the bedroom even smells of it when it’s time to have a new one... that’s when you know it’s really made it’s home! It’s a perfect scent to get that true feeling of relaxation and being curled up. This is one of Melts originals ... having proved itself to be ever popular and one that everyone loves!

The photos below show Still & Burgundy - if you click on them you’ll get transported to our website where you can read about the scents further and even browse the rest of the collection to find your perfect fragrance! Prices for these candles start from £9 for a tin which has a burn time of around 22+ hours, up to a ‘short & fat’ which is £22 and burns for approximately 80+ hours! 


So there’s our three absolutely must haves ... but there are SO many to choose from. We always enjoy helping people find their ideal scent & because we have candles coming out of {what feels like} every cupboard in the shop, we can pretty much always find that perfect one.

I’ve put a list together of a few others which you may want to have a closer look at when you get a few minutes ... click on the links & have a further read! 

I truly feel like my house wouldn’t feel anywhere near as  homely if I didn’t have an array of candles dotted about ... I’d love to know your favourites ... 

Love, Maisie x  


A few more great ones: 

Lotus Leaf & Mandarin By Bath House 

Fireside By Potters Crouch 

Shine By Melt 

African Spice By Potters Crouch 

Neroli & Rose Geranium By Melt 

Tiger Lily & Lychee By Bath House 

Dark Wood By Melt 

Indian Flowers By Potters Crouch 

Lime Basil & Ginger By Bath House

Angel By Melt 

Recherché By Melt 

Hyacinth & Bluebell By Potters Crouch 

Lavender & Amber By Potters Crouch 

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