Breaking into the blogging life ...

28 March 2020

Breaking into the blogging life ...

In these strange times, online companions seem imperative... so now's the time for The Eel Catchers Daughter to get blogging.... eeek!

It's easy to always find something else to do which is deemed 'more important', however, for many of us including myself, we have suddenly been propelled into a life solely at home (aside from that dreaded weekly shopping trip & the daily dose of exercise! ...) But there's nothing stopping me now, & with all this extra time on my hands, I can finally devote some to writing. Any excuse to sit down, cup of tea in hand & get creative is my idea of heaven. 

Injecting a little joy into everyday & everything is something I feel strongly about - seeing the beauty in the ordinarily ugly & the funny-side to even the most inappropriate!(I blame my parents!) So, now's the time to share the joy. We need it more than ever. 

You can expect blogs about shop life with myself & mum (Helen .. 'the boss'), some of the fantastic stockists we work with, home life, new brands we have in, interiors, occasional nonsense & whatever else tickles my fancy. If there's anything in particular you're interested in or maybe have wanted to know about the story behind The Eel Catchers Daughter, let me know! 

Despite the uncertainty ahead & the 'unprecedented times' (anyone else sick of hearing that phrase already?!), we are very much open! For now, as we've had to put our little shop front into hibernation, online is the way forward. We've been so grateful for the increase in online orders already & feel so lucky we have such wonderful, loyal customers.

Share, spread the word, shop local & watch out for the next post.

Love Maisie x 

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  • How lovely you have found a way to keep in touch. Look forward to more blogs.

    Sylvia Palmer on

  • Just had the most amazing service from Eel Catchers Daughter. Placed an order this morning, delivered before lunch. What can I say they are stars. Please support this local shop online, I really want to be able to visit them again in the future………… xxxxxx

    Juliet on

  • Hello Helen and Maisie

    I hope that you and your family are keeping well.

    As you know I am a regular visitor to your shop which I am very much missing at the moment. I am of the older generation and much prefer to shop face to face than online. But at the moment that is not possible apart from the weekly shop to the supermarkets which my lovely husband Giuseppe does each week hiding behind a mask. Who would of thought that this is what life would be like a few weeks ago! But on a positive side I am getting more and more educated each day home schooling my girls. But I think I will also end up having a whole of head of grey hair very soon!

    To relax I am having a bath practically everyday with the lovely bath soaks that I purchased from you.

    It was my husband’s birthday this week and he was over the moon with the moisturiser and matching hair and body wash and has been wearing the socks that I purchased from you too!

    I am now going to purchase some more treats from your website for the first time.

    I hope that you and your lovely family and lovely staff all keep well and safe and I look forward to when I can come back into your shop soon.

    Take care


    Emanda Moscatelli on

  • I would love to hear the story behind the ECD and the different sorts of people who visit the shop🙂

    Jacqueline on

  • Can’t wait to read more ECD blogs :)

    Helen M on

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